Cleansing Pessaries

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Cleansing Pessaries: Ideal use for after routine parturition, trauma related abortion & caesarean to restore good condition to the reproductive tract.

Withdrawal Period

- No withdrawal required for dairy livestock

- 48 hours for food chain livestock

Directions for Use
After calving or lambing administer pessaries as directed below:
Cows: Following calving or abortion: 1 - 2 pessaries
Can also be used following caesareans—seek veterinary advice.

Ewes: Following lambing or abortion:
Large breeds—1 pessary
Hill sheep & Small Breeds—half a pessary.

This may help to restore good condition to the reproductive tract.
Should an animal become sick or injured during parturition, veterinary attention should be sought. In obstinate cases, when cleansing is not freely discharged, give a cleansing drink, and administer a pessary daily. Once cleansing has come away, another pessary may be administered.
Should the cleansing remain retained for several days or if there is evidence of infection or disease veterinary attention should be sought.
Pessaries are also suitable for use following abortion, however if the abortion is caused by infection or disease, veterinary advice must be sought before use. Administer a pessary and repeat in a weeks’ time, it is advised that this administration be carried out at fortnightly intervals until a healthy condition is restored.