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A webinar with Restock, Moocall, Livs Limousins and Bates Moor Farm discussing the best methods to prepare for a suscessful calving season
a webinar where Dr. Patrick O'Neill from Warburton Technology discusses the importance of trace minerals in pre-calving cows and calves as well as new technologies in trace mineral supplementation. Live Q&A at end of session.
Webinar by Restock with Multimin
Cargill’s Bianca Theeruth answers Farmers Guide's questions and provides five targets for colostrum feeding.
by Farmers Guide
M.J. Corke, I.R. Doster, and R.M. Gunaratne
Department of Veterinary Medicine
University of Cambridge
Diseases in sheep and cattle have made the headlines many times over the last few years. The impact of a disease can range from an annoying setback in production to a devastating infection leading to widespread culling of the flock. What is certain, however, is that every disease has an impact on returns
Choosing the right product and getting the most from it are key factors in ensuring optimum livestock performance for least cost and reducing the risk of anthelmintic resistance. The aim of this booklet is to provide an accurate, easy-to-use reference guide on all available anti-parasitic products in their various chemical groups and summarising the parasites they have been licensed to control.
Dairy Mobility Scoresheet
This form allows you to record the mobility of your herd. The images on the sheet indicate the mobility scores of the cows and makes suggestions on how to improve them.
Colostrum is gold

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