Keto Gold - Ketosis Drench - 1L or 2.5L

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A glucogenic energy source for reduction of the risk of ketosis.

Formulated to help get cows back on their feet as quickly as possible pre and post calving, Keto Gold provides cows with an immediately available source of energy. It is also packed with vitamins, amino acids and trace elements. Give to ketotic, lethargic, off their feed and performance compromised cows, especially around calving. Can be given to any calving cow as a precautionary measure.

Ketosis occurs when the cows energy supply has been exhausted and she mobilises body fat reserves to combat this energy deficit

Fat enters the blood stream where it is transported to the liver for processing. This method of energy production produces ketones as a by-product, resulting in ketosis and the classic “pear drops smell”

Fast acting bovine rapid provides ketotic cows with vital sources of energy