Calf Jacket / No Belly Straps / Waterproof / 30"


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Produced to keep your newborn calves warm and dry. Calf Jackets support crucial weight gain, promote healthy immune systems and significant savings on feed & medication.

The Calf Jacket is an earlier version of our now, best selling Super Calf Jacket. Purposefully designed using advanced materials to create a waterproof, yet breathable calf jacket. The snug-fitting design is free of belly straps. Available in one size, measured from base of neck to top of tail. Also suitable for sheep, goats, alpaca and dogs.

  • Waterproof and breathable (3000/3000)
  • Warm fill suitable for winter (200gm)
  • No belly straps
  • Removable leg straps
  • Safely machine washable at 40c

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