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Basic Hamper

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Basic Hamper

30ml Body Shop Hemp Hand Protector: Hemp Hand Protector vigorously hydrates ultra-dry hands, making it the champion of hard-grafters everywhere. This rich, nice-smelling hand cream gives robust protection and relief for very dry skin, especially when it’s exposed to the elements.

Flexmark Aerosol Pink Tail Paint - 500ml: Flexmark Cattle Tail Paint is a general-purpose tail paint and animal marker aerosol available in a range of fluorescent colours for maximum visibility.

Our unique solvent based formulation ensures a long-lasting paint that is quick to dry and doesn’t irritate the animal. The aerosol spray is weather resistant and suitable for use in a wide range of conditions.

The Flexmark Cattle Tail aerosol can is fitted with a unique no clog valve - there is no need for the can to be inverted then sprayed out to clear the drawtube after use.

Strong Iodine Spray - 10%: A concentrated skin cleanser for use in the management of livestock. Comes in a convenient spray pack.

Emergency Feeder - stomach tube

500ml Superlube: Ritchey Superlube is a thick general-purpose gel used for animal husbandry it contains a preservative which is non-spermicidal. The gel is ideal for use in the delivery of newborn animals.

100 Castration Rings: The Farm Station Lamb Castration rings are made from natural latex, and allow you to dock the lamb’s tail. Docking improves the health and welfare of sheep and lambs, preventing faecal matter from accumulating on the tail and hindquarters of the animal. Apply a rubber ring to the tail using the applicator tool, the bands will then cut off the blood supply to the tail, causing the tail to fall off in 7 to 10 days.